Sunday, August 4, 2019

More Guess My Word Puzzles

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  1. We can use the clues “JUNKS = 0” AND “STINK = 0” to eliminate those letters in the other words.  

H U N K Y = 2

W H I S K  = 2

C E N T S  = 2

The letters that are left spell CHEWY.  

H U N K Y = 2

W H I S K  = 2

C E N T S  = 2

  1. This puzzle is harder.  One thing we can do is to compare words that are similar but have different point values.

For example, if GRAIN = 3 and GRANT = 4, then replacing the letter I with a T adds a point to the word.  (The two words share their other letters – GRAN.). Therefore, we know the mystery word must have a T (and must not have an I.)

Solution:  GRUNT

  1. A good place to start is to notice that PAYER has one more point than LAYER.  Therefore there must be a P in the mystery word and must not be an L.

Notice also that by comparing BEAMS to SMART, we can see that R and T must be in the word and B and E must not.

Solution:  PARTY

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