Thursday, October 15, 2015

Results of Mini Mental Math Survey

     Thank you to all who responded to my math survey.  People were asked to solve 100 divided by 7 mentally and to answer two questions about how they did it.  There was almost exactly a 50/50 split in how the problem was solved.  Of the 45 respondents, 22 reported using the long division algorithm in their heads, and 23 reported using some strategy that involved finding a multiple of 7 close to 100.

     Even more interesting to me was the mental images people reported.  Of the 45 respondents, 26 reported seeing digits and mathematical symbols in their heads when they performed the calculation, 8 reported seeing a spatial image such as a number line or bar (either horizontal or vertical), and 11 reported having no mental image at all.  Also interesting: there didn't seem to be a strong correlation between the strategy people used and what they saw in their heads when they did the calculation.

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